VIP Perks
Rank Biome* Hunger loss* Bonus chunks Bonus claim blocks Bonus homes Bonus money** Bonus XP Offline chunks
VIP-stone Mushroom 75.00% 50 4000 8 $5000 8
VIP-iron Mushroom 75.00% 50 8000 8 $10000 16
VIP-gold Hell 50.00% 75 16000 16 $20000 32
VIP-lapis Hell 50.00% 75 32000 16 $40000 64
VIP-diamond Sky 25.00% 75 64000 32 $80000 128 27
VIP-emerald Sky 25.00% 75 128000 32 $160000 256 27
*Applies only to skyblock servers
**Applies to type-a servers (CC, DEP, DEV, DW, INF, PF, RRM, TDT, TPPI, Vanilla, otherwise divide by 10).
VIP Access
Rank Commands* Access Sub transfer
VIP-stone /ch vip, /echest, /craft TC arcane bore Gold+
VIP-iron /feed, /fly Gold+
VIP-gold /weather, /kittycannon CC turtles Silver+
VIP-lapis /top, /lightning Silver+
VIP-diamond /time Witchery poppet shelf, AE2 spacial IO Silver+
VIP-emerald /jump Silver+


VIP's of any rank may submit a ticket in game asking staff to create them their own locked channel that will require a password to enter. If you have any questions feel free to ask in game or poke us on TS.

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